Hogs offer Tulsa 8th grader today

Like so many other things in athletics today, offering 8th graders is out of hand.


Wait until they get more nil $ than Mom and dad :smile:


What on Earth are we doing?


We are playing the recruiting game as it is now played. Not saying we will get the kid but you have to offer and have folks talk about you making the offer

They need to offer Baby G. Potentially the greatest prospect college football prospect ever.

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I know you keep saying that. But, it’s silly.

There’s no proof, whatsoever, that offering an 8th grader has ever helped a program like ours. None.

It’s absurd. It’s unserious. Just weird.

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Paying the game…without a graduated income tax we invent things like the NIL for excess wealth. Sad…if you consider the year-by-year continuous impact this excess of emphasis is having and will have on values…on other hand I suppose it is “educational” of some sort of bizarre. 8th grade… I recall Nolan’s view the seductive handlers of the AAU system 30 years ago and I suppose the TV money and the NIL is only increasing the swamp.

I agree. Offering 8th graders just smacks of desperation, and I really don’t care who else is doing it.

participation trophies now get real $. Will not end up well and again where are the adults in the room?

Look I don’t like it either but when usc ole miss Alabama Texas and others begin to get these kids in 8th and 9th grade this is what you see.

Didn’t see anyone complaining about the offer to Kane archer last summer after his 8th grade year. He played on the varsity as a 9th grader last year.

NIL has recruiting all balled up. Wouldn’t surprise me if it doesn’t cause recruiting to be like international baseball signing at some point where the deals with the handlers are done at 14-15 years old.

Have to play the game.

I agree