Hogs offer PWO to Conway QB


He really impressed me the two days he’s attended camp at Arkansas.

Johnson, 6-4, 205, 4.53 has scored a 34 on the ACT. Good arm strength and mobility. Still a little raw, but I think he could blow up on the next level. He has the tools.

Clint Stoerner is very high on him too.

HUDL:https://www.hudl.com/video/3/6380251/5a … 12b872be80

Delta State, OBU and Arkansas Tech are his other offers.

34 on the ACT?

36 is the highest you can score on the ACT and it’s rare for people to score over 30, so this young man is very smart or good at taking tests or both.


He can get a full academic ride, more than likely, with that score.

Hopefully he comes to the hill.

What is PWO

Preferred walk-on.

Regarding an academic scholarship, he would have to give that up most likely. Kikko Haydar was able to keep his academic scholarship because he was a true walk-on, never recruited by us at all, but a PWO offer means we were recruiting him. That rule is in place to prevent schools from stashing players on academic scholarship to get around the 85 limit (or 13 for hoops). If you get any kind of scholarship, you have to count against that limit.

Interesting. Not sure I’m a fan of that, if a kid earns an academic scholarship I don’t feel he should be penalized for playing a sport, that doesn’t offer him a scholarship.

Trust me, the rule is there for a reason. Certain schools (cough Alabama cough) would find all kinds of academic scholarships for people whose key number is 4.4 (as in 40 time), not 4.0 GPA, and suddenly you get 120 people on scholarship instead of 85.

That’s the truth, and therefor understandable.

Ditto the rule that if you play football and are on scholarship, it has to be a football scholarship (one of the 85, in other words). Otherwise there would be a lot of 6-6, 300-pound people in Western Alabama on swimming scholarships.

This is not true. Athletes can be on scholarship for other things. Most notably at Miami under sanctions brought in players on track scholarships. Santana Moss for instance.

Many athletes at especially smaller schools take partial athletic scholarships and partial academic scholarships. There is a limit of total players that can be on the athletic roster. Scholarship and non scholarship players.

Moss had to count against the 85 once he joined the football team (although it would not surprise me if Miami ignored the rule). It’s why Justice Hill would have to get a football scholarship if he plays both sports here.

Smaller schools are not the issue here. Neither are people who play sports at the SEC level with partial scholarships, like baseball. There’s a pecking order. For men, it’s football, then basketball or hockey, then everything else. Women I think is hoops then field hockey then everything else. So a basketball player could play baseball, but a baseball signee can’t play football unless he counts against the 85.