Hogs offer Moses Moody's 5-star teammate


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It seems he is Cal’s primary target.

He will be really, really tough to pull away from the Blue Bloods. But, I love that we’re after him to some level. He may be my favorite player in that class.

I love the offers to these guys as well. Have you seen Jalen Green?

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Since we have your attention, what do you think of 2021 5-star Kennedy Chandler from Memphis. Mike was recruiting him for Arkansas and think Mike has some connections here.

I’ve not seen him yet, but he’s had a couple of big weekends; one of the hottest recruits in the nation. I read up on him yesterday. He’s been playing with older kids his whole life. I think it’s interesting that he’s playing for MoKan instead one of the Memphis teams. I know Penny has coached him in some form, though, so there’s a connection that may be hard to beat.

Saw where CMA offered him today. I’m not aware of their connection.

Interesting CMA offered all the way from St. John’s. Usually CMA does not swing for the fences. Kind of half way confirms what I had heard about CMA’s connections with Chandler.

But you are right, Penny will not let him out of Memphis. Regardless, I am hoping Muss goes after him.

You saw that we offered him, right? Was either Friday or Saturday.

Yes, I saw that we offered and also recalled the old staff was looking at him. That is why I asked about him.