Hogs offer Missouri D-lineman, visit in the works

Obvious question: a Wingo from St. Louis… any relation to Ronnie Wingo Jr?

He thinks he is.

I asked Wingo Sr. yesterday and he said no. I asked him again today if they could be 2nd or 3rd cousins and he insisted they’re not.

That’s why I left it out of the story.

Interesting why Sr. would say no twiced if in fact, he was. Either way M. Wingo looks like a DL that the Razorbacks needs. Maybe CBO can persuade him here.

I asked twice because it’s being reported they’re related.

Mekhi said his family believes they are related.

Regardless not that big of a deal.

Either way…that last name has been on the back of several great players on a football field over the years in that area. I do believe there is another still in high school as well!

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