Hogs offer JC DT

committed to Iowa State https://twitter.com/_Latrellbank/status/1206047449036599296?s=20

HUDL- https://www.hudl.com/video/3/11144553/5bc768866e8c6406c4fc148f

very good player! hopefully Sam can bring us some DL!!

He said he would visit if he could but he’s signing on Wednesday.

Well maybe he can visit.

He can’t with the dead period starting Monday.

Yeah that’s true!

Latrell said Arkansas is trying to get him to sign with them on signing day despite not having a chance to visit . I asked if they’re doing a good job of trying to convince him to sign and he said yes.

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would be great!!has to know that the SEC will prepare him for what the NFL is really like

I think the hiring of Rion might get it done with Latrell. Noticed I said might.

Feel better if you would have said “probably” get it done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: