Hogs offer Baylor commit

WR Kalon Barnes has a time of 10.22 seconds in the 100.


Richard, it goes without saying that we Hog fans find it pretty incredible the # and quality of recruits that are being offered by the new Staff - realistically speaking, is there a chance some of these kids flip? Do our new Coaches appear to have such a broad network of contacts that can expect some of these kids to come? I know, very hard to answer questions…

No idea right now on the first Q. Will check after this weekend. They’re very, very strong in Texas so the contacts there will be unmatched compared to other staffs in the past. In a few years, you’ll probably see more scholarship players from Texas than Arkansas.

I’m not entirely certain that’s a good thing. Yes there’s a greater discrepancy in the talent available from Texas and from Arkansas than even the 25+ million population difference would suggest. But we need that core of in-state kids too. The kids who grew up wanting to be Razorbacks. Who are playing not only for themselves and their teammates, but for Mom, Pop and Cousin John in Warren or Ashdown or Springdale.

I agree with your theory but have no problem with more Texas recruits than Arkansas for one simple reason. If we have 10 SEC caliber recruits in state in a given year that’s amazing and a banner year. Yet that still leaves 10-15 spots. And 10 is about as good as it gets for us in state. Those years where we have 5-8 players it leaves even more.

True. I’m still holding out faint hope that some day the class of 2019, which seems to be laden with speed in Arkansas, will become the norm, not a once-a-decade thing. That 10 SEC caliber recruits per year become 20. Where we can even afford to lose one or two.

I’m all in. And I sincerely hope so myself.

Don’t know the numbers but believe that the on campus student population from Texas is significant.

About 51,000 is listed enrollment in Austin.

I think he means the population of Texas kids at Fayetteville. Could be wrong.

Yep, after re-reading it was about UA enrollment.
Probably close to 20% of Arkansas enrollment is from