Hogs offer another 2019 QB


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What does this mean for Gunnell?

He can still jump on, but they found another guy they really like. Enos saw him yesterday and obviously liked him.

Maybe they called him first.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … -20170404/

“He said they’re not going to offer anyone else until they find out if I’m going to be there or not,” Gunnell said. “If they do find one, he’s going to call me first.”

Gunnell said Bielema praised his playmaking ability, work ethic and competitive nature. He also said Bielema’s sales pitch of waiting to hear from him before moving on to another quarterback hasn’t been mentioned by other coaches.

I’m sure they did.

So…my takeaway from that is Gunnell is probably not coming. Is that how you see it Richard? He obviously gave them his blessing to offer Evans.

Not at all. There’s a good chance he attends Arkansas’ satellite camp in Houston.