Hogs offer 8th grade QB


This seems a bit much.

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Have to start early to have a shot at the best

Warren had an 8th grade receiver attend an Ole Miss camp last summer and he got an offer. The funny thing is they say there are two better receivers in that Warren class who did not go to any camps. The Hogs did offer their sophomore receiver, Antonio Gordan, but they waited until this past season was over as the Warren coach, Bo Hembree, prefers so it is not an in season distraction. Ole Miss did not bother to ask him if it was OK to offer his 8th grader. Big mistake. Jordan is 6-4 and 215 (runs like a deer) and I don’t think he has a drivers license yet. They think he is going to grow into a tight end that runs like a deer.

Enos needs to take our tight end and receiver coaches down to Warren to all get acquainted.

At the new Lumberjack Arena, they have an entry hall they are calling Champions Hall. There is a wall of trophy cases and I think 6 bays will be the pro (they have 4 NFL helmets for Burks, Wright, Childs, & Gragg) or college football helmets of graduates in the last 15 years. They are mostly receivers or tight ends. Enos needs to hurry down to view it. Maybe offer some 8th graders if Bo Hembree will let him.

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Different times for sure.

Bet you see him at greenwood to see Kane archer next

Then malvern for vinny winters before finishing up at warren high.

Malvern was the eventual state 4A champ but they were down by 21 at Warren in the playoff semi-finals until they had a big comeback in the second half to barely get the win. There was a lot of talent on that field that night.

Through the 7v7 circuit last couple of years have been able to see how some of these teams are competing.

hopefully he will have to decide if he wants to sit behind Kane Archer "25.


Maybe a driver’s license or a learner’s permit might be required prior to an offer. It is a wonder these youngsters are even aware the sun rises and sets beyond the narcissistic-laden pathways now being proscribed for them. My junior high days seemed more about the fun associated with junior high football than I suspect these kids are having. I do recall we won the state junior high championship but I don’t recall any offers other than whether I wanted a dipping of chocolate on my Dairy Queen ice cream. A simpler time.


4 more years for a lot of other players to catch up and pass his talents. Hard to assess who is the best for the SEC football when they are 14 years of age.

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It is depressing to imagine that some NIL deal making has fourteen year old’s on their potential client board with likely pathways for seduction of family members into some representation relationship. Seems like child labor laws need to be updated in this new NIL environment.

BUT if you don’t offer now you won’t be in the game when it is time

Children have been in showbiz a long time…

I guess… When does the kid/family understand if you don’t offer?

When you call in 10th grade wanting to offer and they are like you are 2 years too late we have a relationship with x coach at y school.

How silly.

People say this. But there’s no proof, whatsoever of it.

The place this kid signs has likely not offered, yet.

They look at the size of the father and the uncles on both sides to project how much more the kid will grow. They look at the HS programs development track record on other players. Then they take a chance and offer the kid if it all looks good. They need to be very careful about this. A previous Hog staff offered a Warren QB (I think his name was Butterfield who ended up at ASU) then later pulled the offer. That QB’s teammates went to Tennessee for several years after that. It was very had to rebuild that bridge to that community.

In the warren situation an arkansas assistant offered the scholarship without nutt’s approval if I remember right therefore there wasn’t one to offer which upset folks.

That was also back when Steve Caldwell recruited arkansas for Tennessee. He was able to get kids to Tennessee.