Hogs offer ’24 TE

Jaden looks like a serious talent. We need him to join our Razorback family.

Looks like a Great prospect.We are going to continue to bring in Great TE with our new TE coach…

The only thing that bothers me is all of his highlights show him split wide and if he is going to play TE in the SEC he will have to embrace blocking at the line of scrimmage. Maybe he could play WR just a thought.

I imagine he would likely play at Arkansas in the 250# range. He is a large human.

I thought the same thing but that’s the way teams are using tight ends nowadays.

Georgia does not line up they’re great tight end on the LOS near as much as they split him out and create mismatches with his speed and route running ability… they do need to be able to block though because that opens up a lot of play action possibilities with him on the LOS.

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