Hogs offer 2020 OL who admires Skipper and Burlsworth


He said he and his dad watched Dan Skipper because bing 6-7 there’s not many guys he would have to look up to.

Also the movie Greater is one of his favorites.

HUDL:https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7450017/5b … 08a8ad1ec0

Extremely slow off the snap of the ball, a work in progress that has to improve in areas with footwork, knee bend and pad level.
At this point I would take a pass on this young man, but keep an eye on his development.

Go Hogs!

So…we offer a 2020 before inking one 2019 player but a FAN wants to question the offer? good grief

About 80% of the folks on a board like this think they’re an NFL talent scout - lol . . .

He may be a Burls fan, but the #73 pictured on that tweet is Shawn Andrews.

The original tweet had a picture of Burlsworth underneath the visible photos. Double click on the photo.

Ahh yes thanks, a great pic of Brandon too.

His offer list is pretty impressive, look at his twitter.


Just simply made an observation based upon the tape provided.
If you see or would like to make differing observations you have every right to do so. Otherwise, this is just my opinion and you can keep your pie hole shut.

Go Hogs!

So,your attention to detail allows you notice things that our coaches obviously didn’t…but you can’t even spell correctly? Or, is that a different attention to detail?

My pie hole is fine. I see an OL who plays against smaller, quicker players and still manages to keep them from the ball. He can start in a two-point or three-point stance. Like so many DL and OL on video: there isn’t a lot of competition (as best I can see, maybe you can help with that) and that makes it tough for me to go any further than to say…Morris and Fry know more than I do.