Hogs offer 2019 big (tidbits added)


Scotty is the lead.

No OV has been set up yet, but is in the works.

His mother went to high school with former Hog Darnell Robinson.

Nice, also just retweet that he was related to Marvin Delph.

Seems like he really really like Arkansas. Think the key to this one is just getting him on campus.

He’s a space eater for sure!!


Awesome. I think this was my favorite prep/HS guy we are recruiting.

Sure he’s not class of 2009? Dude looks 30 years old lol!

Here’s a few bits from my 13 minute talk with Raymond.

As noted at top, planning to visit but will wait to make plans after his season is completed. His mother and brother will come with him.

He plans to talk to Darnell Robinson about Arkansas the next chance he gets. In addition to his mom knowing Darnell, his uncle also knows Darnell.

He reports having about 18 offers.

Great relaltionship with Thurman. Loves his honesty.

Wants a good safe place to attend college after growing up in Oakland. He’s aware of Fayetteville being one of the better places to live.

He wants to study business so he can manage his finances. Likes that the Sam M Walton college business is so highly regarded.

He just found out about being related to Delph.

His late grandfather is from Arkansas and he still has family here.

Seems Darnell has had a few not so nice things to say about Arkansas in the past. Wasn’t there something about not being able to read at all?

No, he could read.

It was former football player Gary Anderson that was tagged with that label.

Darnell was actually very book smart.

I guess I’m mixing up old memories. I know there was a San Francisco newspaper article from about 20 years ago that featured Darnell, and he was was saying he had made a mistake in not going to Cal. He said Nolan promised him the starting job as a freshman, but didn’t fulfill his promise. His life would be better if he had gone to Cal, etc.

Of course, that was then and who knows the context or frame of mind at the time. He might feel different now. I was just wondering about what DR might have to say to a recruit today.

I can see that because when you’re that age it’s hard to be honest with yourself so you usually blamed others for your failures.