Hogs offer 2018 combo guard

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ing-guard/

Really like. Was hoping we’d offer. Scorer with length and a nice jumper.

So Moss and Embery? Or Moss and Brown? Or Embery and Brown?

Which two would you like better?

He got to know Darious Hall while playing for the Memphis Magic Elite. He told Darious he was going to try and get up to Fayetteville during the summer.

Did you report on that earlier when it happened? I remember hearing that story before, and I recognized the kid’s name.

Not counting on it but he would be a much needed shooting specialist with the two classes we have coming in. I don’t want to limit his game as just a shooter, but we sure need that.

I need to see more of Embery and Brown. Love Moss though. He can go.

Joe fits that need better than Moss does. Moss is a higher level, more well rounded player at this point.

Also, even though he’s not “top 15”, he’s the first kid I though of when I saw the Bill Ingram quote about possibly adding a top 15 kid to the Hawks. He’s bounced around some, ultimately landing on another Adidas team, Team Magic Elite, the same team Darious Hall played on.

Justice Hill is key to recruiting of TJ as he has been with the other members of Hawk 5. Justice says he is not done yet.

My first post on new forum and with a new moniker. We shall see. Hope we don’t run out of scholarships for the 2018 class, GO HOGS!

I do believe the Hawgs are going to win a national championship with this group (2018)…however, it is going to be this group that starts (2016-17) that starts the winning ways…happy days are here again…NUFF SAID!!!

Strong words, but it does appear the talent to go deep into the tourney is on board.

It’s fun to be able to think and have expectations of success… national championships… that takes a lot of balls bouncing the right way on a given year/tournament run. Best teams don’t always win it… sometimes the guy with the best draw wins it.

I’d settle for a couple of really nice tournament runs. who knows… one of those, we may get a good draw and balls to bounce that takes us to the final four. Anything can happen if you can manage to get there.

Sometimes I try to slow myself down and say… “wait, they have to do it on the court”. They do have to do it on the court… and who knows a couple of them may not translate well to the next level. At the same time… it’s been a Long time since we’ve been this excited about recruiting (3 straight classes), so, that should tell us that some success (level of success to be determined later) will come from this recruiting effort.

They all have to get here and go to class and maintain a good class standing and stay out of trouble.
Then play ball.

Since Anderson has been there… there hasn’t been much “getting in trouble” last summer was the only time. Not saying that there will never be anything questionable go on under Anderson… He is intentional when he recruits… he really recruits guys with character. Nobody’s perfect… so I’m sure something will happen sooner or later… kids will be kids at times. Just saying… I don’t have much reason to think he’s going to have any behavioral issues. And outside of Kapita (assuming all 8 '17,18 recruits get here), that’s about the only academic issues he’s had. Pretty good track record for 5 years… especially knowing how we were academically when he got here.