Hogs offer #1 JC DE (9:37 update)


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Dorian said he has huge interest in Arkansas because of John Chavis. He said Chavis recruited him at A&M. It sounds like Arkansas has a very good chance to get an OV. He talked to Coach Chad Morris today and was impressed.

He was tweeted at after by Jamaal Anderson! Great for that kid.

Posted updated in the first post.

So John Chavis can’t recruit, is a bad defensive coordinator and not the right man for the job at Arkansas. But because of him, Arkansas may get an OV from the No. 1 DE in juco play. Hmmm, if he can bring that kind of talent to Arkansas, we might want to hold off on our quick conclusions on the Chief! Thanks for the update, Richard.

Looks like he is making the dline a priority this class…I like it!

Well said from SoArk!!!
Maybe we hold off of the negativity until we have been SHOWN to have something to be negative about.

I wise man once said, better to remain silent & be thought a fool than to speak out & remove all doubt. LOL

I would think all Arkansans, would HOPE that whoever we hired would make us a winner again, but it seems
several posters here had rather be RIGHT than to be proven wrong by us improving.

When was the last time we had a coordinator like a John Chavis? Maybe, Monte Kiffin under Lou Holtz? This Chavis hire is a great step forward for our program. Bring it on…

Any coordinator that can sit down and say I’ve coached X amounts of top 10 defenses, and has 40 + first round draft picks, can recruit. That line right there will catch the ears of most kids.

I don’t recommend hiring someone because the hire will get us an official visit, let alone a commitment, from a great recruit. Also, I would prefer someone that is not so close to retirement age. Nevertheless, no defensive coordinator is paid well over $1 million per year unless he is well qualified.

Chavis is a defensive ICON and the HS football coaches know and respect him. He can recruit on his name and history of putting players in the NFL. What is interesting is that Caldwell is a major bonus as a coach that is respected in the South and especially a recruiter. I am excited about this hire and the fact that Caldwell is already in the fold. Our defense has been terrible for 3 years so anything is better than what we have had. Chavis is a defensive wizard that will probably create a defense based on our personnel.