Hogs now sit atop psuedo RPI rankings

Swine will point out - and, accurately so - that the “real” RPI stops their rankings once the field for the Tournament is chosen. That, after all, is it’s job - to assist the selection committee in choosing teams for the Tournament.

Still, the information that goes into the metric remain valid after more games are played. Obviously, the games and results themselves are the ultimate barometer and what matter most. But, while there are still games to be played, I find the RPI estimators to be of interest.

With our win and Florida’s loss, we now sit atop this objective, results-driven metric. One can say that being ranked #1 is nice, but let’s be there at the end of the year. Well, this is a good time to be number 1.


I must add that the other RPI estimator of note - Boyd - still has Florida rated a whisker higher.


And, oddly, Nolan predicts that Tech will beat us, based on his Projected RPI (which show us wth a loss we currently don’t have, while Tech has a win they don’t have at this time). Interesting, since we are #1 on his RPI, while Tech is #6.

Also, Nolan has updated his computer simulation based projections for who will emerge from each bracket, and overall odds to win the CWS - given the action that’s taken place so far.

As you might suspect, Arkansas’ odds have improved.


Interesting that he believes UNC has the best chance overall. If it’s between us & UNC, I like our chances.