Hogs now Lunardi's #10 team

Just released. The second 3 seed. WVU is #9 and plays the Fighting Cade Cunninghams today at home. However, Cunningham rolled an ankle at Baylor the other night and is questionable for today, so dunno if we will get any help from the Okie Lites.

On the S curve, that would put us in the Baylor region with Iowa as the 2 and Okie Lite as the 4.

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So want a 2 if possible.

But would gladly take a 3 if means staying out of a Baylor region. That’s only team I really don’t want to play (and can’t stand how that program seemingly avoids the law with little consequence)

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Lunardi’s complete seed list (we would play UNC-Greensboro in the first round)

Creeping up the seed list is a good thing this time of the year! Swine what do you think our chances are of pulling out a 2 seed or just remaining a 3 seed?

yikes, I don’t like your S curve, lol. But I love the national attention our players and coaches are receiving.


I think there are a lot of moving parts. Of course we need to beat A&M and get to the SECT final to get a 2, but a loss might not drop us to a 4. If Villanova loses to Providence today it will help; so would Houston losing to Memphis, or some early round upsets in conference tournaments for Nova or Houston or one of the Big Ten 2s (Iowa/tOSU). I don’t think beating Bama next week would help because the seeds will be set before Sunday’s finals. They could build in a contingency (loser gets 3, winner 2) but I doubt it.

A win today and a win in the SEC quarters will probably lock us into a three, which would be great. I am not sure winning in the semis would make enough difference to make the extra wear and tear of a game on Sunday worth it to a team that has a chance to make the Sweet 16.

While I want us to win every game, I am always wary about leaving your best basketball at the SEC tournament any year when you have a chance to get to the second weekend of the Big Dance. If you don’t need to win the tournament to get in the Dance, it’s just not that big a deal-kind of like winning the baseball tournament before going on the road to Omaha. Maybe if you are trying to get away from being an eight or a seven seed, or need to win out to be a one, a conference tournament championship matters more, but most years your seeding is pretty set before Sunday rolls around.

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We’re above Florida State in most of the brackets I’ve seen, but they are getting punked at Notre Dame this afternoon. That’s the kind of weird thing that constitutes one of those moving parts that could move us up.

I’m proud of the 3 seed speciation but if the hogs could slide into a 2 seed that would be a Christmas present in March
The upsets are happening so the hogs just need to take care of business.

The only thing I care about today is pounding A&M. Go Hogs!

And now that we survived and Nova and WVU didn’t, we’re the #9 team tonight. If Houston loses to Tiger High tomorrow we’ll be a 2.

Hard to believe Ohio State still that high. They are 12 - 8 in the Big 10. Crazy they are still a 2.

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Yes it is. And that is even after their loss today.

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