Hogs now 8th in WTE top 25

Taking JWill’s departure into account, also including Council.

Seems like I thought we were # 1 in these at one time. I’m very glad to see we are 8,sure don’t need anymore pressure than everyone will put on these kids

Yep right after the Final Four we were #1 in this one. Then JD, Toney and JWill left.

Creighton #5? Gonzaga #6? ehh Zags lost their best big man too; Timme is overrated

I think Arkansas is for sure better than both Creighton and Gonzaga next season

A ncaa tourney matchup against N Carolina would be fun

I think Arkansas and N Carolina will be the two best teams in the nation next season

UK is way over ranked at #3 maybe top 18 or so so but top 10? nah

Houston as usual always overranked w/o Sasser no way are Coogs a top 10 team plus they lost Lofton Jr to draft


Borzello sure didn’t do much, if any, research when naming our starting five. He didn’t even go back and check his own list of top transfers he published 4 days ago.

He listed our Bigs, Brazile and Graham as #20 and #42 respectively, but he decided to name Makhel Mitchell as our 5th starter. Neither he nor his twin brother Makhi, appear anywhere in his list of top 100 (+21 more that were next in line) transfers?

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Well, he may be slotting Makhel in as our “5”. I don’t see Brazile or Graham as 5s.

Graham plays more back to the basket. Brazile supposedly had a growth spurt and is closer to 6’11.

As for the twins, one is a 4 the other is a more traditional five.

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Brazile is 6-11 now?!!


I do not know that for sure, which is why I said supposedly. There is info out there that he did grow during the season, and that his Dr’s have indicated his growth plates could allow for him to be a legit 7+.

I don’t know how the individuals putting that out know, but sometimes people get info.

Graham is for sure a 5, and a darn good one at that. I can’t wait to see what Muss gets out of him; his potential is thru the roof. Brazile to me looks like a 3-position/player (3/4/5), becuz he’s so athletic and quick, even at 6-10. Just very versatile at his height. It’s no wonder Brazile is already on NBA teams radar, with his 6-10 frame, tremendous athleticism/quickness, and solid ability to step behind the 3-pt line and knock down the 3-pter.

I haven’t gone back to look at Brazile video, and don’t remember him from our games with Misery, but he kinda sounds like Portis Lite. Bobby is basically an NBA 4 who can slot in at the 5 on occasion.

Need to find some Graham video too.

Teams ranked ahead of us all have multiple returning starters. We have zero returning starters. So our ranking is based solely on the strength of the recruiting class and also possibly based on Muss’s coaching skills.

Note that we are ranked ahead of Duke which has #1 recruiting class. And that is because of the strength of our transfer class, which brings in experience to the unproven high school talent.

So, it seems fair to me.

BTW, Creighton is the team to watch if their transfers perform to expectations. And Gonzaga got their entire starting unit back minus Holmgren.


Thanks for posting this, Billy. This kid will fit us like a glove. I can’t wait!


Yeah he’s got more post up ability than anybody we had on our roster last year and that’s been sorely missing for a while

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We’ve got a SUPER athletic frontcourt, Billy! Graham has that Jimmy Whitt floater. I don’t know how you guard that.
I sure hope we get The Squid home and home this year. They are soooo overrated.

Smith has a good floater too when he penetrates that is a tough shot to stop

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Smith has good everything. I’m gonna see if Beck can get me in to watch some pickup games this summer.


Graham has that same look I saw in Justin Smith when Muss got him to sign. A very solid, super athletic PF that was underused by his previous coach. Graham, is quick, with good feet and nice moves near the basket.

The one unknown in comparing him to Justin is his interior defense. He certainly has the skills necessary to be a great defender. Justin’s defense improved under Muss, so I’m confident Graham will be a very good defender.

If Jalen can have a Justin Smith-like season, this team will be scary good, even without JWill.

Billy, that was a GREAT video. Thanks.


You’re welcome.