Hogs now #5 in three of the polls

Perfect Game . . .

https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/Vi … icle=16338

Also #5 in Baseball America.

https://www.baseballamerica.com/ranking … ll-top-25/

Same for D1Baseball . . .

https://d1baseball.com/rankings/college … ch-climbs/

USA Today poll won’t be out for a couple of hours yet . . .

. . . but are #6 in the USA Today poll, which is what this site uses as it’s poll of record.

http://www.espn.com/college-sports/rank … d/10031000

Since UCLA is everyone’s number 1, I looked up their schedule. They have played the toughest NC schedule in the country and have gone 20-3 in NC play with three mid-week games left. Vast majority of their games have been in Cali, but they did take a February road trip to Atlanta and took two of three at GTech. Overall SOS drops all the way to #4 because of some of the dregs in the Pac-11, but if you’re 34-7 against that schedule, you deserve to be #1, I suppose. Haven’t lost a series all year, or more than one game in succession.

A whole lot of talent playing baseball in sunny CA.

Yep, which makes you wonder how programs like USC, Fullerton and Long Beach State are ever bad. None of those three are going to make the NCAA field. USC has the best RPI of the three at 90.

I’d like to see DVH schedule a series with UCLA some time. Make those boys come to the Ozarks in February or early March.