Hogs Now 5-1

We have played what is thought to be some pretty good teams. None are what I would call rent a wins, but we will not know for sure for a little while.

I thought UCONN looked pretty good today, and yet we beat them by 40. I don’t think we are really 40 pts. better, but we were today for what ever reason and that is what counts. I also don’t think that UNC is that much better than us, but they sure were Friday.

I really like this team and I think they have a lot of up side. If we are 6th in the SEC, then the SEC is really good. KY, FL, --Bama who? A lot can happen and will over the next 3 months, but I like our chances.

Missery without Porter looks really good, and aTm looks really, really good.

I think Arkansas, Florida, and A&M are the 3 best teams in the SEC. The SEC very well could be the toughest conference from top to bottom in the country this year.

Very good performances on a neutral site against OU and UConn. The Hogs 5-1 overall record is solid, and it seems like I’m seeing improvements game to game, sans UNC.