Hogs now 3 seed on the Matrix

Moved up from first 4 to last 3. Also up to 12th in Pomeroy, which is essentially the same thing, although Pomeroy says his number should not be used for seeding, And Kansas almost gave us a huge gift in a quick-arrange game with UTEP but wound up winning by 5 at home after trailing most of the way.

One more thing, our worst seed on any of the 107 brackets today is a 4. Three weeks ago we were still being left off some brackets.

Pomeroy has blipped since I typed this OP last night (but didn’t hit send); back down to 13th. Close enough.

Crazy question here… any possibility for us to jump ahead of 8 teams in current standing by winning the sec tourney to grab a #1 seed?

Man a 1 seed is merely a pipe dream! I don’t think that’s possible. It would be nice. I’m just hoping for the 3 seed.

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Yep 3 seed would be outstanding. Not too much difference between 2 and 3 as they are bracketed to play each other.

The refs allowed Kansas to mug UTEP the last five minutes. UTEP could not move the ball up much closer than the 3 point line on offense.

Doubtful. 2 seed may be a pipe dream too. I’m pretty sure the seeds will be set Saturday night before the tournament final.

Jerry Palm on the radio this morning said the way Arkansas could be a 2 seed is to win the SECT and the championship game would have to be a win over Bama. He said if we win the SECT and don’t play Bama in the championship game, we would still be a 3.

Theoretically they could have Hog-Bama winner slotted as a 2 in one region and loser as a 3 in a different region. If they decide Bama is a 2 regardless they might not bother.

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