Hogs not on Darius Thomas'

OV list.


Left lane boogie hammer.

I have to agree. I really like Chad, but it’s starting to look like we are about to have a giant whiff on instate kids. He was dealt a tough hand, but when it comes to instate kids there’s no excuse.

Well, he only listed 4 of his 5 visits.

That’s true, but he also listed Memphis, if they are a for sure visit, how in the hell aren’t we? Just doesn’t look right. You should be a guaranteed visit with an instate kid, I personally think.

Every kid is different, I suspect will be #5, but Georgia and Auburn have been regulars the last few weeks in Jonesboro. He didn’t grow up a Razorback fan, his Dad is an ASU grad and worked there, they were his team.

Right, I understand it’s an uphill battle with him from the get go. Just stating that if Memphis is on the top for, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be.

It’s more about the collective work on instate kids that I am beginning to worry about. It doesn’t seem like we have any momentum with any instate player at the moment. I know we will be a contender, but we should be the favorite with most of them, and you would’ve expected an instate kid to jump on bots outside of Chavis.

I’m not in panic mode yet, just beginning to worry.

That’s OK, though, because we are back to signing Texas 2-3 stars without TX or TAMU offers.

Tony Bua was a great player on defense for our hogs! An assistant had to really work hard to get the HC to offer him! Sometimes it isn’t about star power but heart. If there’s an instate kid that doesn’t want to be a hog we should want them to put the uniform on. It’s not the 60’s, 70’s 80’s or 90’s anymore! The young generation isn’t full of hog fans anymore. That’s true in all sports.

It’s 8 months until signing day. Can we at least wait until November for the histrionics? Mercy.

Doesn’t look to me as if he has named his fifth visit.

In all the times that I have talked to him, he’s noted that he plan to take one here.

I guess we’ll see.

Kind of early to complain about the quality of the 2018-19 class, since no one can sign for, oh, six more months. Most of the kids who they are on have never camped with this HC or staff, and I’m not sure all that all the in-state offers camped at Arkansas with the previous staff, so it’s still early days.

I have not heard any one complaining about the QB who is committed early, so just maybe there is a chance this bunch knows what it is doing.

That I’m not getting on with you.

Certainly looks like Mike woods was an underrated steal, can’t tell about the OL just yet.

My guesses right now

Treylon Burks and Marcus Miller - Arkansas

Malik Chavis - Arkansas

Zach Williams - Arkansas

Hudson Henry - one of top 5, I suspect Arkansas one of top two with Stanford

Stacey Wilkins - Likely Oklahoma, but Arkansas still in it

Jadon Jackson - Arkansas or Oklahoma (if they offer)

Darius Thomas - ?

Who are those in the 2019 class?

Like I said, I’m not in panic mode. I just feel like we are moving along slowly with instate guys. I like the guys we have, but we have to start nailing some big timers to win in the SEC, we all know this.

They’re doing all they legally can with these guys, but it’s hard to get early commits from guys who aren’t/weren’t life time fans, they seeing winning teams, first.

Well you make a good point, I suppose, in that they’re so far behind in # of commits (4) they only have 1 that fits that description (Limmer).

Last class–which you can’t really put on him because he was just getting started (although Bielema signed a handful of NFL guys in the same situation) included 4 players that fit that description.

It’s almost June and they have 4 commits and 3 are 3-stars. Maybe that’s the big upgrade everyone said we were getting. I don’t see it–not yet at least.

But, I’ll shut up and let the results come in and we will see. So far we look like unofficial visit national champs to me. Hopefully that will translate into a few actual players that sign here to play for the Razorbacks.

I’m not sure of people stating it was a big upgrade - other than it was a change of the status quo, which they had become tired of in the past couple of year.

I do think they are working hard in terms of recruiting, but not sure it has paid off yet.

That being said. they are going to have a ton of official visitors in June.

It will be interesting to see what the list looks like headed into both July and August.

So so negative Adam - chin up Buttercup!