Hogs No. 20

Collegiate Baseball has released its preseason poll and has Arkansas ranked 20th. It seems the Razorbacks are typically ranked the lowest in that poll to start each year.

If Battles fully recovers, the 2022 club will be every bit as good as the 2021 team, imo.

What do you think, Matt?

Seems REALLY low.

The OmaHogs always seem to be ranked low in early season polls. Things seem to work out as the season goes along.

I think this team will be able to score a lot of runs. I don’t know what to expect from the pitching. That’s the wildcard with this team.

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I noted in the story that CBN had Arkansas 22nd going into last year while half the polls had the Razorbacks in the top 10. This has historically been a poll that is skeptical of Arkansas early.

I agree with Matt on pitching. But it seems they do usually figure out the pitching. I expect they will hit lots of home runs.

LoL that’s a joke! they either didn’t do much reasearch on the team or are dumber than a box of rocks…This team will have insane offensive potential and will have tremendous potential on the mound,you would think they would give DVH the benefit of the doubt,I bet other polls will have us top 10

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Is Pallette healthy? I have a lot of confidence in him. And hopefully Connor will be back to his old form.

Last report DVH said he was throwing Extremely well,so we will see,hope he is ,he has a lot of talent.

As of two weeks ago Pallette was throwing bullpen and looking good. I think two of the three weekend starters will be Noland and Pallette. It’s not a bad start of a rotation, either.

I think it’s a fair guess for now. We are going to be ELITE offensively, but pitching is more or less an unknown. End of the day it’s a preseason poll that doesn’t amount to much more than an educated (or perhaps uneducated) guess.

Vandy lost the two pitching studs and three position players is number two??? Tennessee has most of that team back and 34??? Not surprised we are this low with that type of research and thinking.

My oldest daughter graduated with Cliff Lee at Benton. I’ve always been a huge fan of the kids from there. If Peyton can half as good a career in baseball as Cliff he will earn a lot of money.

Cliff and his family are good folks. My youngest was friends with his sister and did many sleep overs at their house. My friends in Benton tell wonderful stories about how giving and kind Cliff and his wife are to others. I’m rooting for Pallette. And rooting for Connor to make a big comeback.

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