Hogs need to put a body on someone

Way to easy for ST on the offensive end

They can’t. If they look at someone they get a foul called

ST has the free throw advantage up 12 I believe.

That’s a big margin, some lop sided calls going on when you see that.

All State has to do is drive the lane and they come out with a foul every time.
The Hogs look like they did against Houston. That didn’t turn out well.

Miss St is shooting 35% FG, 8% from 3. They will warm up in the second half. Will we?

I hope the Hogs take the ball down low. It will be fine. Shot the ball and stop trying to make the high light reel on ESPN. That’s the main problem.

Yeah, I was screaming at my TV to get the ball to Gafford. Saw a double team on Barford, their post guy helped double, Gafford was all alone in the lane, Barford stepped back, looked at Gafford, shook his head, then tried to go one on two. Gafford is the key to the Razorbacks success, not our guards. I’ve thought all year, we needed to play inside out, and we are playing outside, outside.

I know people will disagree, but Gafford should have multiple assists. Our guys can hit open threes. Right now, they are trying to take contested shots. Pass around and get open.

Looks like they lost their legs and a lot of standing around.

good article by Tom Murphy about State’s offensive rebounds. Quindarry Weatherspoon said Howland told his kids we “don’t block out.”