Hogs need DJ Dean to get over A&M, step up moving forward

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Tough spot to be in. He’s had a hard time getting in the mix and Pulley has really come on, but obviously they felt they needed to get Pulley a breather the other night. Not easy asking guys to play the whole game. Santos Ramirez mentioned that today when asked about how losing Coley affected the defense.

I’d think DJ gets more reps this week.

Amazing how fast you can get really thin at a position in this league. We have been thin at many positions the last few years, its difficult to fill all the voids with quality depth quickly. At the same time maintain the talent and quality depth you already have or had at the other positions.

There was no excuse for giving Dean so little playing time against Texas State. Come on. Why did that make any sense? Same with other positions on defense. Were we more concerned with trying (and failing) to shut out Texas State than with developing some depth?

The playing of reserves by this staff is not good. I remember Stoerner playing too long against a blow out of La Monroe I think, which he took a hit to his shoulder and never recovered the rest of the season. I was in Tuscaloosa for the next game and we felt we could beat Bama. Unfortunately it was painful for Stoerner to throw more than a 10 yard pass. Bama knew it and defended the short pass and came after him. We lost the game and others becuase of the injury.

I am scared that this will happen again. I think AA has proven his mettle and doesn’t need to play much this week. Ty Storey needs the snaps in case the Oline has another bad game and AA gets hurt like Stoerner. Pettway and Stewart need to play at WR because we graduate 4 WR’s this year. The back up LB’s have to get playing time because Fatigue is setting in for Ellis and Greenlaw so play Josh Williams, D Harris, Eugene, Hacket, J Harris, etc. The secondary needs to knock the rust off of Dean and play Dalton.

I agree. At some point this season, we are going to need the players you have mentioned.

Stoerner had actually come out of the game against Louisiana Monroe and the backup made a serious mistake. Nutt put Stoerner back in. I said, “Oh, no,” at the time and the next play Clint was sacked.

As for Dean, I believe they were trying to give his injured hamstring as much time as possible to heal. I’m not sure he’s at 100 percent yet. But he’s the best option at that position. Hopefully, he does get more snaps this week.

I think this staff tries to get reserves snaps in situations they feel comfortable with. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much breathing room the last few seasons to do that comfortably.

I completely agree that our reserves need more experience for this SEC haul ahead!

Clay: I agree that there hasn’t been much breathing room the last few seasons; however, Texas State would’ve been a great opportunity. Is there something going (behind the scenes) where we don’t trust the #2’s to produce?

Shortening the Texas State game did not help either. That was such a joke. There was no serious weather threat. It was a gross overreaction. The radar wasn’t even threatening. I wonder who came up with that idea. A lot of games in Oklahoma and Texas were interrupted by lightning that night, but nothing dangerous was headed for Fayetteville.

Still, Arkansas had defensive starters in the game in the third quarter. Maybe they needed the work. :roll:

I think that your last sentence is the key. However, (as you and others stated) the backups need experience also. As a side note, I doubt that it is a very good recruiting tool to tell a recruit, “Come on a join us at Arkansas where if you’re on the second team you get to sit on the bench.”

Thanks for the additional insight Clay. I’m hopeful that we don’t worry about stats too much this week, so that we don’t try to pitch a shut out at the expense of reserves playing time. I am concerned that their running QB is going to get some yards and that will cause our staff to fear playing reserves enough. Alcorn has TERRIBLE pass coverage so AA should kill them with the pass. Hopefully Ty gets in the game early against a weak pass defense to gain confidence.

Alcorn isn’t just a bad team. they are a bad FCS team…
ALL RESERVES should play the entire 2nd half, Bama is next and we need the team rested AND healed!!!

And if (when) we do get up big early and put Ty in, I hope that we let him run the entire offense. I don’t particularly care for running up the score, but the emphasis here is on getting Ty meaningful reps, not on rubbing anybody’s nose in anything.