Hogs & N Texas on tv

What channel on Direct TV is the game on?

All I have seen is it is on SEC alternate which usually here in Georgia means we won’t get it.

that would be on Directv 611-1

We’re in Tennessee and have DirecTV Now streaming and the alternate channel isn’t listed. However it looks like we will be able to use the Watch ESPN streaming app to see it thank goodness.

A few years back I got some Hog games on ESPN3 it was called then, but Watch ESPN and SEC Network altn are two different things now. I have no streaming device so if it is not on SEC altn I will not be able to see it. May be good as I am a jinx, as games I watch are among the bad games they have played lately.

I just checked the Directv 611-1 Saturday schedule andit shows our game at 3PM Eastern time.

Should be 4 eastern.