Hogs move up to a 6 in Lunardi

Even after the loss at LSU.

Bracket Matrix has us as a 7 today, appearing on all 64 brackets included.

Palm had the hogs as a 7 seed. The loss isn’t hurt bug the win could have been big! We don’t need to get beat at Ole Miss.

This is a MUST win game for Razorbacks at Ole Miss today. We need road wins to prove our projected seeding in SEC and NCAA events. Lets see how our demeanor is today and hopefully we have forgotten the bad stats at LSU. We will know in a few hours. Go Hogs, show us you are “for real” this year!! LOL

I don’t know about a win at Ole Miss being a MUST win one, but it sure would be a very good one to go along with their other two road wins.

I am thinking about it in terms of getting into The Big Dance, which I am still not sure is a place that they can get.

Now the home game against Vanderbilt next week, I see that as one you must win, especially with the SEC’s leading scorer out for awhile.

Agree with Dudley. Hard to call game where we are a 2 pt favorite as a must win this early still in the season. I think we get it though.

The game at Ole Miss May not be a must win but if the Hogs are going to make the Dance they need road wins this this one today! There are a few games that will be must wins.

  1. Vandy
  2. Texas A&M
  3. South Carolina.
    Those 3 could turn into bad losses.

Will disagree about the game @ A&M. Few true road losses are “bad”. Secondarily, the Aggies have started playing some “better” basketball in the last couple of weeks. Don’t know where they will peak, but I wouldn’t consider a loss there as devastating.

Having said that, I do think we have a good chance to win that road game. Still, nothing is easy on the road in the SEC…in any sport.

A&M is up to 119 in the NET ratings, three spots below UNC. Right now our game at Reed Arena will be Quadrant 2. By the time we get there it might be Quadrant 1.

Wiz you are right about it being hard to win on the road but look at the numbers! The hogs need to take care of business and avoid getting beat by teams in the bottom of the conference.
By March it’s possible Texas A&M could climb on up and be respectable but I don’t expect it at this point.

They’re 2-1 in conference, same as us, with a road win at Vandy. Tied for fourth at this point.

I would be willing to bet money that it doesn’t happen. I am not sure if A&M will stay in Quadrant 2. They really don’t have a good SEC win yet,

There have been a number of SEC teams that slopped around in nonconference play and then turned on the switch January 1. Remember when Georgia finished 12-6 in the SEC and didn’t make the Dance because their NC record was so bad?

A&M gets Misery twice (beatable), Chickens twice (beatable), Georgia twice (semi-beatable) and only see Tennessee, Auburn, Kentucky and Florida once, with the last two coming to CS. I could see them slopping around and coming out maybe 10-8. Especially if they play D like they did at Vandy.

I can see your point now. Nice schedule for the Aggies.

Aggies had a chance to steal one tonight against LSU and let it get away.

Looks like you cannot overlook the Aggies anymore. The players have settled down in their roles as far as who the scorers are and who the stoppers are. I think they have now got over not having Starks to direct their offense.

I’m going to blame early exits out of college to the pros. Perhaps it happens more at Duke and UNC than to the SEC, but its happening. So, SEC teams are always rebirthing themselves, each year. The non-conference portion of the schedule highlights the newness and learnings that take place before things come together during the conference schedule.

This is why the Butlers and Gonzagas seem to be great in the early part of the season; they have more seasoned players. But, by season’s end, there’s always an SEC team (or ACC team) in the final mix.

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