Hogs move up to #6 in BaseballAmerica poll (other poll results as well)

https://www.baseballamerica.com/ranking … ll-top-25/

. . . and also in PerfectGame’s poll . . .

https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/Vi … icle=16324

Louisiana Tech in at #25. Our schedule keeps looking better and better with UALR now in the RPI 100

We’re “only” number 8 on the D1Baseball poll - but that makes 3 for 3 on “cover” pictures for this week’s slate of Baseball rankings - Arkansas pitchers are shown with all 3 articles. We’re "trending’ . . . now, to keep it up.

https://d1baseball.com/featured/college … s-the-way/

Tenth in coaches, eighth in Collegiate Baseball, eighth in NCBWA.

Actually, Arkansas is seventh in the coaches poll this week. You may have been looking at last week’s.

You are correct. I was looking at the rankings summary at NCAA.com which had not been updated.

Solid in the RPI, too. It’s been top 10 (and top 8) for most of the season. That’s a key indicator.

In fact, if you’ll notice, the RPI at the end of the year is a much better indicator of the national seeds than any of the other subjective rankings. That’s why I usually start posting it early and often in the baseball season. Even though it doesn’t mean nearly as much of that time, it’s always interesting to track it…

I believe historically you need a top 20 RPI to host and a top 10 for a top 8 seed. They don’t stray from that much if at all. Except for geographic consideration, like letting a northern team host with a 20+ RPI. Highest Big Ten RPI is Indiana at 26. UConn is 25. Creighton is the top northern team at 17. Seems like they have a decent ballpark to host in…

UALR should be thanking us because we’re one of the big reasons for their jump in the RPI…