Hogs @ Missouri

Did CM count sheep at pregame?! I bet he lights a fire under that A$$ at half.

Lucky to be down only 4 with how they have shot the ball

We can win this by 10 or more with Tillman out

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He needs to start with his own rear end! His trap is a big part of the problem. Take those open 3’s and back cuts layups off the score board and it would be a different game.

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Need to stop trapping on D. Hogs just creating Mizzou’s offense for them. Play’em straight up.

Don’t understand why Arkansas rarely get calls in the paint?

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Moody and Sills needs to get going.

We do not have a single player who goes up strong in the paint. We don’t know how to finish or draw fouls. We try to draw fouls without trying to make the basket which gets no love from the refs or we try to avoid all contact to make a miracle layup which is an even worse idea. The one guy who should be strong enough to finish in the paint, Justin Smith, is too scared to even attempt a shot when he gets it under the basket. Pathetic. Looking more and more like we are a live by the three die by the three team. Musselman should be glad Charles Barkley doesn’t commentate any of our games.

Smith is 6’9, it seems he doesn’t like to dunk. I’m still waiting on a vocal guy to step up!

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Before Smiths injury he was more aggressive around the basket. Let’s not forget that he may still be nursing that somewhat. JS

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Smith gets treatment at halftime if games! He’s giving all he has! The hogs just look slow today.

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Vanover the difference in second half so far.

Playing better defense and seemed more focused. Let’s build this lead

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My question is how many darn open 3’s are we going to allow?

Vanover is making a huge impact. He can’t catch the wide pass from Tate. With his reach that must have been a horrible pass. Just make Missouri take contested shots. Moody needs to get some shots.

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Not many if we stop trapping and everyone be man conscious.

There’s an example of a bad play. Williams charged instead of passing to Moody for an open shot.

There’s the Smith dunk

Stupid mistakes cost you in close games. The hogs make some bone Head mistakes. Move the darn ball.
Share the darn ball. They don’t realize Moody needs to take those open looks. They better wake up!

Similar to KY game. 290th ranked 3 PT shooting team burying them. 12 - 25.

He could’ve simply stopped and popped an 8 foot jump shot and avoided the contact altogether.

How to make a shot seminar brought to you by The University of Missouri

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