Hogs @ Missouri

So much for a fast start! The charge call has been against us regardless. Of if we has the ball or Missouri.

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Thanks for starting the thread.

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They are getting to many wide open Three point shots. And making them.

We need some defense.

That’s a carry over form the Kentucky game! You can’t allow wide open 3’s.
Why don’t we drive the ball?

Everybody seems a step slow right now.

I was going to post the same thing. We look slow

And we taking some bad shots.

Poor shot selection! And we have to be one of the worse teams missing layups.

Yes agree, we’re poor around the rim sometimes.

Another miss at the rim.

Good grief. Cannot make a layup.

The wrong folks handling the ball. Example. Vance Jackson TO lead to what for Missouri. 2 points. He don’t need to handle either catch and shoot or pass. No dribbling.
Wrong players taking shots from the wrong spots.

I love Sills. He thinks he is a seven footer in the paint

Well , we’re hanging in there.

Yes. But it sure hurts to get nothing out it the play and end up with a TO.

We’re not even going after loose balls.

Nope! Include rebounds in that too! The defense stinks.

We need to regroup at halftime.

Trapping the ball is absolutely killing this defense! We get nothing from it! They get layups and wide open 3s it’s incredible! Just stick with your man and they won’t have an open shot. SMH