Hogs @Miss St

Tough start passing up shots on our first 2 possessions only to commit a TO!

Phantom foul

Gonna get ugly tonight.unless we get it together.

Missing layups again…smh

Cylla providing good minutes in the first half. Nice to see.

The rest of the team will have to continue to get better. Joe and Jones are just going to continually find it difficult to get quality looks—especially Joe.

Good to see Cylla off to a good start and beautiful shot by Chaney!

Ugly game by both teams.

It’s great to see Cyllia score and be productive. The first bucket was a layup and he passed up a 3 in a possession but in transition he let it fly. 5 points is a good start. Chaney has scored as well. Rebounding better too!

Now Jones has 2 fouls…uh oh …not good!!

We have to get our feet set on our shots, we are shooting leaning in or out need to go straight up and find our stroke. Hanging tough while shooting poorly! WPS

Msu second in the league in 3-point field goal percentage…tough night.

I was going to say the officials have been pretty fair, but that official who called the foul stopped in front of the bench and antagonized the Arkansas coaches. Officiating 101 no-no.

Such pathetic foul calls!! Let em play!!! It’s a joke!!!

You’re taught to never just stop in front of the bench looking at the team.

Cmon Isaiah!!!

Put Chaney in coach, we need some muscle down low to stop them camping under the rim

Will we get 50 tonight?

Cyllia is fun shy. Why pass up the wide open 3. He drives and kicks in the opposite corner to Bailey. The offense isn’t good without Jones. Joe is cold as ice.

Kudos to our bench because without them we would be getting slaughtered.