Hogs making opposing offenses earn everything

“The first thing that’s usually being identified right now with our team is our defense,” Eric Musselman said.

Went inside the numbers from Arkansas’ 9-game winning streak to paint a picture of how well the Razorbacks are defending entering Alabama:

Hopefully that defense is on fire early in the morning… Alabama will create quite the challenge if they are on their game.

Making 3’s is the Bama game and getting out in transition. I’m hopeful our defense can challenge the 3 ball and we don’t allow wide open looks.

I think the key is containing a fairly close game at the half.

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I would like to be within 5 or 6 points with about 15 minutes left.

I think the hogs will have a 10’to 15 point lead at the 1500 minute mark of the second half.

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I really like your thinking Army.

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I just hope once the hogs build a lead they can maintain it! Bama will give you chances to extend your lead. They will jack up the 3’s that’s who they are. As long as the defense is sound they won’t make enough of them to make a comeback especially if the hogs are going to the rim and making free throws.

I would love that to happen. I am glad we play them at 11:00 for sure provided we can be sharp at that early hour as well

I think the early tip off gives the Hogs a chance for all the fans to show up late. Build a lead and hold on!
Maybe it’s time for Umede to get hot shooting again. It was be awesome to see Notae and Umede get hot making shots in the same game. J Williams and Toney too! Throw in Devo, Lykes , Wade and Johnson making a impact within their roles and it a lot for Bama to contain.

Players generally don’t like morning games.
11 AM tip off means early rise for breakfast, then I assume shoot around, maybe short nap if at all.
Could benefit us since we played our last game a day earlier than Bama.


Bama is at home and the hogs are already in a hotel so that should be an advantage too. The Tuesday game for the hogs and rhe Wednesday game for Bama. Gave our hogs a day to rest compared to Bama. The hogs should have fresh legs longer into the game than Bama.
I just hope our D stands tall!

Hogs 80 Bama 76 in OT.

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I would hope the hogs can win in regulation. The cardiac hogs could add some more stress. But a win by 1 point in 3OT I would take.

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