Hogs making a move in men's golf regional

Up from sixth place to third on the back nine of the second round. Five under par for the day. But they’re still only three shots above the cutline (top five after tomorrow advance to nationals). William Buhl is -3 today to lead the Hogs.

Hoping for a good outcome.

Hogs finished at -4 for the day, -5 for the tournament, in solo 3rd. Not everyone is through yet but right now they’re four shots above the cutline. Regional ends tomorrow. Buhl shot 69 for the second straight day, and our throw-out score was 71.

Wound up with a two-way tie for fifth at -2, so starting Wednesday with a 3-shot cushion.

This may be a silly question but I promise I have looked for an answer.

Does anyone know if tickets are sold or if the public is allowed into these regionals? I would think yes (in a non-covid world)…but I sure cannot find out any information on this topic. I live in Nashville and want to go with my son and a friend tomorrow to watch the Hogs but don’t want to make that drive only to be turned away.


I’m checking on this.

I’m told yes you can get in.

Nashville Sports Council is probably the only way for a ticket, they may still need volunteers

call the club:

Thanks to both of you for the assistance.

After posting this last night I found an article about Vandy playing in the regional that said the event was open to the public so we went out this morning and saw the Hogs have a strong round to advance to nationals. A great day for the Hogs!


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