Hogs make up for lost time to make Williams' top 7

Looks like 8 teams made his top 7.

I’ve always liked the number 8. Corrected.

Had Williams checked Arkansas off his list once Anderson was fired? That is the impression I got reading the article.

My impression before was that Arkansas was still on his list of choice schools after Anderson was sent off and he was waiting to see how he relates to Musselman before making any decision about Arkansas.

He liked Arkansas staff and was disappointed for them when they were fired.

There was no guarantee that he definitely would have come to Arkansas if Coach Anderson had been retained, in large part because of the fan unrest and sentiment from a portion of the fan base that wanted him ousted.

Jaylin had no idea who Eric Musselman was when I called him the Sunday that it became clear that he was going to be hired.

Coach EM thus had to catch up with the head start that the other coaches - especially Oklahoma State’s - had gotten off to with him.

Arkansas was never off his list and I am sure will be until the end, but there is no lock.

William’s, like Moody, and Moore coming to Arkansas is a pipe dream. Never gonna happen. They’re making OV’s as a courtesy. So when they go elsewhere, they can say we were a close number 2. You can say the same with most of the fours and fives that are considering Arkansas. It’s sad to see how a program on the cusp of becoming elite has become just another also ran. Both in basketball and football.

So should Coach Musselman and his staff just give up?

The one thing I have learned not to do is speak in absolutes or assume.

While I agree he is having to play catch-up with three of the four in-state guys he offered, I don’t think he should just punt on 3rd-and-7.

Lovemyhawgsforever, do u have inside information or are u just speculating? Just asking.

Just wisdom guided by experience.

The answer to getting the top recruits to come here is to compete with other schools by the same methods they use. I think you are aware of what I’m talking about. But I think Arkansas will not employ these methods. Having an irrational fear of the NCAA and virtue signaling seem to be the main obstacles.

Good to hear that. That is what I was thinking where Jaylin was.

Those who think they are the smartest guy in the room often aren’t.

FIFY: Ego guided by arrogance

You would know wouldn’t you. Swine.

Never said I was. But those with the over inflated opinions of themselves often try to be clever. But fall way short.

I am neither the smartest or the cleverest. And I’m okay with that. I mean I have had half a brain since that wreck in 1981.

With your ability to see in the future I’d love for you to share some advice on stocks to buy…