Hogs make top 5

Noreel visited Jan. 28.

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Looks like they think he’s OM to lose.

That tweet sounds like he will consider the best fan base. Of those I’d put the Flopnecks at the bottom of the fan base list.

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he is confusing or Scott is confusing, but I think Scott has it wrong about Coach Woodson’s hometown and home school status. Scott says that Woodson is from the same school (Jackson Callaway). but I am sure it is Ocean Springs that Woodson shares.

Arkansas, Vanderbilt round out Scott’s final four

The addition of Marcus Woodson to the Razorbacks’ staff has provided a jolt of momentum entering the spring.

“Coach Woodson keeps in contact with me since he was at Florida State, and he came up to see me and offered me,” Scott said. “Coach Woodson is from my same high school in Mississippi so he understands me. He’s playing a big role and I feel like what we talk about, he could develop me into a great person on and off the field.”

Noreel is Ocean Springs and both want to claim Coach Woodson as homies, good predictor for MS WR recruiting.

White also discussed Arkansas with On3’s Sam Spiegelman on Jan. 24.

“Coach (Marcus) Woodson is like my uncle almost,” White said. “We click every time and he’s also from where I’m from, so we click a little more than most (coaches).”

Coach Woodson is from Moss Point which is in Jackson county Mississippi …. Moss Point is next to
Pascagoula Mississippi…… also in Jackson county is Ocean Springs….but if you go north of Hwy 90, but South of I 10 is St. Martin….

Some good ball players come out of Jackson County,

I know Moss Point well and Ocean Springs and Pascagoula for collecting sea trout for my genetics project ages ago, I don’t think Jackson County qualifies for confusion with Jackson Callaway High School. I know Coach Woodson won 2 state titles at Moss Point. Bruce James talked my ear off on our dock telling me his wild and crazy Moss Point days long after he graduated UofA. Interesting place.

I live an hour from the Gulf Coast so I’m very aware of all of those places.

Mississippi is a gold mine for prospects if you can get them eligible.

Glad we have influence that can possibly get some more of these guys.

KJ’s success has to be of some importance I would think

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Picayune Mississippi is not too far from the Gulf Coast and they have won the state championship two or three times in the last 5 years. They have some very good ball players

A little off topic here but I’ve wondered: is that “pick-Cain” or “pickie-yuuuun”?

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Peek a Yoon

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I’d imagine most of these decisions will come down to the same question…. How much?

Can’t argue with your statement, especially in today’s environment and with the instant gratification mindset, but seems like “how soon” could be a better question. How soon can you get me ready for the league?

Noreel said he’ll visit Thursday.

Noreel is saying Friday now. Regardless, big to get him back on campus so soon.

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