Hogs make cut for grad transfer

One worth watching.

We don’t have a spot…do we, RD?

Technically no.

Not yet👀

Nah jk…

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RD I believe you said a week or two ago you didn’t think there was much to this one. Have you heard different now? Muss said in some interview that a lot of these “top 10s” mean nothing because they aren’t even recruiting these players half the time.

That I did at the time. Things change.

Not saying he’s coming but I do think it might happen.

RD, I personally think this is the most important question…do YOU think Joe is coming back? I won’t hold you to your answer. I just would like to know what you feel in your gut. You always seem to be on the money on these things.

Gut tells me he’s coming back. Shall see.

George Mason graduate transfer Justin Kier will announce his college decision on Sunday, he told @Stockrisers

. Finalists: Michigan, NC State, Georgia, Arkansas, Georgetown, Iowa State and Minnesota.

Would we accept his commitment? Muss would have to know someone else leaving or Isaiah not coming back. Also do we need another guard regardless.

I’m not expecting him to choose Arkansas.

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