Hogs make cut for ESPN 5-star Ron Holland


Great news Senor RD!

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Really hope we get him, RD! Disappointed about Omaha, but Muss is in on some great guys.

Senor Davenport if you had a Senor Davenports top 5 guys to watch for the Hoops 2023 class right now who would it be?

I hope you had a good anniversary trip Senor Davenport.

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Holland would be one for sure. I’ll have a better idea soon.

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Perhaps Layden Blocker and Jeremiah Johnson will make your Top 5.

Blocker yes since he’s officially visiting in June.

Johnson isn’t on Arkansas’ radar anymore.

That may not be bad. His ranking has really slipped lately.

Chris Johnson would probably make that list.


What about Fall and Diop, RD?

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Thank you Senor Rd.

I have begun a list of ones to watch for on my white board in my office area. It says “Senor RDs hoopers for watch- 2023”

Right now I have Holland and Blocker on the list and will update as it goes. This also helps because if my wife makes me take another hiatus then I can keep up and remember the names as we go.

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I have added Mr. Johnson to the white board friends.

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