Hogs looking for bump in 4-star ratings

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Jaylon Braxton is 4 star for all but ESPN, always nice to have Frisco as a hometown for a recruit given how hard that place is focused on. My friend Allan Lowry was assigned to Frisco alone when he was coaching and recruiting for the Whorns.

Now all that’s needed is a signature win or two to to stamp credibility all over this program and boost the recruiting up a notch or two. With Texas and Oklahoma coming in those opportunities will be maximized, but there is danger there also. The recruiting needs to be a bit out front of that and with coaching to match. Looks like we have it covered. WPS

Thanks Richard. This article is informative and well written.
It does generate quite a few questions.

  1. Why are we giving ESPN the deciding factor in our evaluation of our class? Does that mean what the other sources say does not matter? If any of the sites have a player a four star they should be listed here as a four star. That is particularly the case with Braxton where multiple sites have him as a four star. ESPN’s blessing is not required. They already have too much power over sports. Let’s not voluntarily hand over more to them.
  2. You state that several players are single digit points from being four stars. Given any + or - error possibility it makes those rankings meaningless. I would guess CSP thinks every player on the list is underrated.
  3. This article is very effective in showing that the rankings are primarily ego strokes for fans and probably mean very little to the coaches. One has to decide whose opinions have meaning. I think CSP and his staff have proven to be solid judges of talent that fits how they want to play. They don’t get everyone, but the guys they get they want.
    I will choose that and the offer list that a player has generated every day over the rating services.
  1. Not really saying they’re the only one to consider. If I have questions I can usually reach out to Craig Haubert and Paul Biancardi. For the most part the services are in the same ball park in regards to rankings. 247 has the Hogs with seven 4-stars, on3 has since and Rivals has seven.

I did miss where Rivals had Braxton as a 4-star. I’m color blind and have a tough time seeing the stars sometimes. On me there

  1. You have to have a cutoff point when labeling guys a 3, 4 or 5.

  2. Kids, parents, fans and some coaches get worked up about the rankings. Just the nature of the business. This column was more for the people that put a big emphasis on the rankings. I can assure you I don’t lose sleep on the rankings.

Latest update has Arkansas with 10 4-stars and six ESPN 300 prospects.

Braxton and Augustave were upgraded and the previous eight 4-stars stayed the same.

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One thing I noticed in the rankings your link shows, is that Sam has offered 10 5-stars in the 2023 class. I could be wrong, but I believe that is a high number compared to previous head coaches.? 4 of those 10 5-stars have not yet committed. I like that Sam seems to be offering more 5-stars (if true). One thing for sure, if you don’t offer, you won’t get one.

Arkansas remains at No. 7 nationally.

  1. ND
  2. Ohio State
  3. Texas
  4. Ga.
  5. Penn State
  6. Clemson
  7. Arkansas
  8. LSU
  9. Bama
  10. Tenn
  11. Miami

LSU is #7 on the list you posted, not Arkansas

Thanks Wiz, that was worrying the heck out of me

The actual ESPN list does have us at #7 and the Corndogs at #8; Bama is #9 and Tennessee is #10.

Ok, this is super weird. I saw your quote so I was going to edit my post. Look at this!!!

Twilight Zone music playing…

Just avoiding the 7th circle of h3ll spoken of by the prophet Dante Alighieri (a sportswriter for Dave’s Arkansas Football).

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