Hogs leading NCAA golf, sort of

We’re very early in our round at The Blessings, so haven’t had time to pile up more bogeys, but at +3 we’re on top at the moment. Kaylee Benton is -1. Even with leading we have three double bogeys already, two on a par 3. Course is brutal, as we expected. Best score from the teams who teed off this morning is +18.

Format is four stroke play rounds, cut Sunday afternoon to 15 teams, another cut Monday afternoon to eight teams who have three rounds of match play Tuesday and Wednesday to find the champion.

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Now in 3rd place, 3 behind Auburn, who’s leading at +5. Hogs still in good shape, as Fassi is struggling early at +3 through 5 holes, but it’s a near certainty that she will come back.

So far, the Blessings course is the runaway winner.

And, just as I predicted, Fassi with back to back birdies on 8 and 9. Hogs now tied for 1st.

Solo first now at +6, just ahead of Stanford. We have seven double bogeys and still leading. Kaylee Benton is still -1 which is tied for second among individuals; a girl from Arizona is -3. The Wake Forest girl that beat Fassi at Augusta is +4. Two girls that teed off this morning shot 91.

We’ve slipped to +10 now, in second place two shots behind Stanford. Again, not a big deal. Make the cut Sunday, make it again Monday is all that’s required, so you want to stay in the top 8 all weekend. Once match play starts, what you shot on Friday is irrelevant.

Poor Ximena Gonzalez made a birdie on seven and went 8 over on the next six holes, now +11. Obviously she’ll be our non-counter, which means Dylan Kim’s +7 does count.

Finished up at +10 after Fassi and Benton birdied 18. We’re tied for first place with Texass. Fassi shot -2, Benton +1. Brooke Matthews +3, Dylan Kim +7, Gonzalez +15. In good shape with three rounds to go. This is not a course where someone is going to go out and shoot 10 under tomorrow.

just watched a blurb on Golf Channel, recapitulation of the Augusta Amateur angle except Maria and the chick from WF are trailing Pagdanganan, Maria only 2 back. We do trail the same Southern Cal who is the team leader by 1 stroke. Arizona is defending champ and has individual leader, so this tournament sets up well for competitive fun. Lots of live coverage next week on Golf Channel, I’m not sure the Blessings toughness will be a recruiting tool indeed could be a hinderance for young women looking to play collegiately.

Really long hitter in the lead:


Scoring average was 80.73

https://www.golfchannel.com/news/arkans … y-behemoth