Hogs lead Mizzou 5-0 in 3rd inning

The Hogs had a big second inning, scoring all five of their runs against Missouri’s top pitcher, Houck. Unfortunately, we are currently in a weather delay because of lightning with radar showing lots of rain on the way.

So if it is postponed until tomorrow will we resume at same score?

They will try to get it in, if at all possible. It may involve a couple of stop/start situations. Remember - they will play through rain (unless it’s pouring); it’s the lightning they have to shut down for. I sat through a game with LSU (at Baum) about 6-7 years ago that took about 10 hours from start to finish because of weather.

We may get a break in 60-90 minutes, but then about an hour after that the cell that’s currently between Fayetteville and Tulsa will move into the Columbia area - unless it breaks up or the entire weather system shifts a little to the east.

https://weather.com/weather/radar/inter … nus&zoom=8

The interesting thing is, how does this affect pitching for the game? Mizzou’s pitcher was already up in the 80’s on his pitch count, and not likely to last much longer. However, Knight was only in the 40’s and cruising. My bet is that neither will pitch again today.

I agree. I hate it because we’d gotten to that MU pitcher. Knight was pitching well. I love the 5 run lead even though it could have been 6 or even 7 pretty easily. Getting in that 3rd-home rundown for the first out kept it down at least by one run. Getting thrown out at the plate for the final out doesn’t bother me, though. I like that aggressiveness & it was probably smart to send him.

I wish the TV announcer would pronounce Shaddy correctly. He’s called him “Shoddy” all day.

One final thing I noticed. The announcers mentioned MU last played “Little Rock” to extend its current winning streak to 20 games. Then they referred to us as “Arkansas.” Apparently they don’t understand the ADG rules about how the schools are to be called.