Hogs last two years....no emotion

It struck me watching the KY/TN game a few moments ago when the TN reliever shut down a potential rally, they showed a lot of emotion. I haven’t seen the Hogs show that much emotion for playing since the 2018 team with Carson Shaddy and those guys get pumped up. These last two years, we have been top ranked and have looked like we just shoulder the burden and not showing the joy. We get a home run, and it’s just an elbow bump, no slapping the hog hat on someone’s head. Loosen up guys, have some fun and maybe the wins will come back.

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It just depends on how big the moment is. I know we showed quite a bit of emotion when we came back and won over in Auburn this year on Friday and Sunday. We showed quite a bit of emotion in the regionalal when Charlie hit that home run against Nebraska last yr. I think this is a team that just stays in control of its emotions until it’s a very big occasion. But I know what you’re saying

Would like to see a Florida and Kentucky final for some reason. Take the Vols down a notch.

4-2 Vols. Top of 8th. Not looking good

12-2 Vols…so. Gators- Vols for the title.

I almost forgot the baseball team is still alive…seriously. Between JWill and softball, this day has just been a very bad day in Hogland.
If there is a bat and a ball and a Hog on the jersey, your heart is sure to be broken.

Teams take on the personalities of the Head Coach. Not saying anything negative about the head coach just that he can be calm or fired up depending on the circumstances and I think the team repflects that as well. Generally the team creates it’s focus and intensity.

Biggest thing I see is pitching matters over hitting and Hawgs have not been as strong in that area as other seasons but that comes and goes with injuries,etc. Momentum is only as good as the next days starter in baseball and tournaments show that depth or lack there of more than other areas. Defensive mistakes like Friday night puts more pressure on pitching so it compounds as well.

Hawgs can still regroup but they will have to reply more on their teammates than home crowd advantage. Goal is to get to Omaha where anything can happen .

Yea, if somehow we can get some good starting pitching we still might be okay. It’s really come down to falling behind lately with subpar starting pitching. That has put too much pressure on the bats to come back from behind almost every game.

I think if you look around the SEC Baseball pretty much all of HC have a calm demeanors,not much display of emotions unless a call they think has went wrong.Vitello is a little more animated but he is calm most of the time if you watch him.They are that way bc they want the team to never get too high when things are good or too low when things are bad.Things will usually work out better for the team if they have a steady influence for a leader,same way in the Major leagues.

I thought they exploded with emotion when Diggs hit walk off against Ole Miss. and with a Lanzilli walk off. Tygart has always shown emotion. But I don’t think losing ever looks fun.


To the point truth. It hurts to lose.

Exactly when there’s reason to show emotion I think every team does… there’s just some teams carry to the ridiculous level… poster above was talking about the head coaches why I would say most of them try to remain pretty calm.

What I want is for them to play hard and never quit. That’s generally what this head coach demands.

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