Hogs Last in NCAA

The Hog’s rushing defense is 128th out of 128. How does any DC keep his job with nine returning starters?

It actually seems worse than that.


Is that true? I would not have guessed last in d 1.

Why would you have not guessed? It’s like a hot knife through butter.

We’re #103 according to the NCAA. Close enough for government work.

http://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/ … team/24/p3

It does appear OP is correct in one respect. We are giving up 6.34 yards per rush. I cannot find any school with a higher average in that regard; Cal gives up 6.19. Of course, 96-yarders don’t help that any…

Coach B has not really given a public vote of confidence for Smith

And the stats don’t lie what was suppose to be the strength of this team has been a bust and Smith must answer for it

Sorry, should have been more specific… Yards Per Carry. I sure hope this basketball team is good.