Hogs land their QB in KJ Jefferson (story)...

just now

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … jefferson/

That is AWESOME news DD!!! What a great pick up for the Hogs and our new staff!!!


Wow, this is truly epic for me, paused…welcome aboard Mr. Jefferson! I believe with your skills set will lead the hawgs to greater heights… great job coach CM!, I now believe you came here to win…

Woo pig!

I’ve seen a few pictures of him, one thing that stands out are his hands. They look huge! Bad weather games shouldn’t be an issue with him.

This kid has the talent if developed to change the course of the program. WPS

Wow! I like this. I come on here and read where this one or that one loved their visit and was surprised. I come on here and see this and then look at the highlights. Morris has his QB.

What is his 40 time? He was running away from everyboby, but you never know what that means.

I am a long way from a trained eye, but it seemed he had to “windup” a little or his release was a little slow. Am I seeing that correctly, and if so, how hard is that to correct with good coaching?

I sure loved what I saw and the things he says. Can he play this yr? Wish he could. That sort of talent is an equalizer. He wants to be a leader. Great.

When I was but a wee lad growing up in East Arkansas, my family would sometimes camp out and fish at Sardis Lake. I’m sure I caught my share of bream and crappie with that old cane pole, but I’m pretty sure I never caught a 4 1/2 star dual threat QB. Congratulations to CCM and staff on landing a big one right out of Ole Miss’s back yard.

Hmmm…he has no windup. He has a short, quick release. Actually it looks almost exactly like Lamar Jackson’s. I put on another thread how similar the two are at the same stage. If he’s anything like LJ, we’re gonna love him!

I believe i read he runs a 4.6 40. As far as the wind up, i didn’t notice one on short- medium range passes. On deep passes there is a slight one, but that excepted on deep passes from a kid his age. He still has growing to do, give him a couple years and go through college strength program. Kid is going to be special

great athlete! has a chance to be special! just hope we can hold onto him!

The Hogs are going to be loaded at the QB position. There will be some serious competition for the starting spot.

Great pickup! I really don’t care how many stars the kid has on the recruiting services. What he does have is over 20 commitable offers, including from schools like Georgia, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss, and that is plenty good enough for me. And if Tom Lemming likes him, that’s just icing on the proverbial cake. WPS!

Response: competition is good, however if his high school coach is accurate with his assessment regarding this young man skills set I don’t think there will be much competition, regardless everyone should be allowed to compete you never know

That is an impressive recruiting victory. I hope he sticks with us. Great job, Coach Morris and staff. We needed that.

Great list of schools after this young man and he has the perfect matchup skills for the Morris offense… now, KJ go help us bag a few more studs.

I hope this dream never ends.
I’ve had this dream before, last time I had it we were #5 and in a BCS Bowl. But woke up in a ditch.

I don’t think he’s better than Connor Noland, but we shall see.

This offense should lend itself well for using multiple QB’s if necessary. That might turn out to be a good thing especially with two or more pretty good QB’s…