Hogs land kicker transfer

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Punter competition

He apparently kicked off some for UT Martin as well, with a pretty decent number of touchbacks. Looks like an emergency PK only.

Kicking off and field goals.

Seems we have a pretty salty FG kicker. KO only, maybe?

I was told his main focus would be punting. He can do all 3, and he won’t win the FG job. Hopefully he can win the KO job to take that off Little’s plate.

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Staff saying “G’day mate” to Max Fletcher?

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Nah, but they needed a good one to provide competition, the walkons in this spring were terrible.

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Arkansas knows that. Gives them depth.

Kickers have been known to get hurt (or get suspended; remember 1998?) and you need somebody reliable behind them.

No stone unturned - why bust themselves to address every nuance and possible contingency but not do the same with specialists? Makes sense, and seems quite shrewd. The next Vito Calvaruso, etc., might just appear.