Hogs land John Ridgeway (Quotes added)


really like his potential.him and Utsey will definently help us inside.


Here is a link to his Bio / Stats / History while at Illinois State.

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Quotes added.


Solid pick up! Woo Pig! ghg


Wow. I’d say more than solid. Impressive.

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Welcome young man. Welcome! Enjoy being a hog. You are in for a special treat.

Huge addition. Wow! He had some serious options. I am so glad this mountain of a man chose to become a Razorback.
We have added major size and experience to man the center of the defense.

Big Bad John! WPS

Welcome to the Hill, WPS

developmental potential is high, right now is 35 ranked DT for NFL draft from one site I found that looks into small school draft potential. Has lots of Phil Steele evaluation comments, mayber someone here knows how to find the Dave Campbell mag for MoValley Conference with a Phil Steele write up on the kid… Somebody gotta jam the middle to let our edge guys do their thing.

Does he have 2 years of eligibility? I see he’s a RS Jr.

He’s got a chance to be pretty good, He moves very well,will have to get stronger and play with lower pad level because he will be facing bigger, stronger guys than he’s ever faced. He can do both of those and why I think he’s got a chance to really help us.

Stronger? Article on this site says- “Ridgeway reports a 385-pound bench press, 550-pound squat and 335-pound power clean.” May not be the strongest DL we have -but wouldn’t be surprised if he will be.

His legs are strong but 385 bench will be less than the OL he goes up against in this league. Odom likes to slant and move so he may be OK.Marshall I think Benched well over 400 if I remember.I like his potential though.

John knows how to use leverage, he’s a champion wrestler which bodes well in football. He will be good with his hands. I bet he breaks 400 lbs on the bench this summer if our strenght coaches want him to.

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Just a hunch- if Michigan, Texas, Ohio State, and USC all offered him after we did- he’s not too lacking in strength. Go hogs.

No. Hes not lacking much at all and the way wecmove our guys around he may be fine… Looking forward to seeing how he does

I tried a “wecmove” once… I’ll never do that again! :laughing:

I know what you meant youdaman, just having some fun! :grinning:

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I’m horrible at texting and even worse at proofreading :slightly_smiling_face: