Hogs land ESPN 5-star Baye Fall


Fantastic news!

WPS…really a big deal

FWIW, Baye didn’t commit during his OV. It came later. More soon.

Great start for our 2023 class! Blocker and Fall! We’ll be hearing a lot announcers saying “Blocker to Fall for the slam dunk”! I think, right now, my biggest wish for next season would be for Ricky to return. However, if he keeps playing like he is now, he will be NBA bound.

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Baye said he called Muss last Thursday with the news.

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Could someone who has watched video please describe his game? Thanks

Southpaw - he’s an unrefined Trevon Brazile. Best way to put it.

Gonna edit this by saying he doesn’t have Trevon’s shot but the athleticism is the same.

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Awesome he is a fantastic athlete!! Hopefully he’ll put on a few pounds get stronger and be even more of a beast than he already is


I think he’s similar to Gafford at this stage of his career. Defense is his strong suit. Needs some work offensively but I would say sightly ahead of Gafford.

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Great news, although I was surprised on Diop going to Colorado, guess he can be a star there plus guessing it’s home??

He’s right handed, not a southpaw. He’s got a pretty good jump hook and nice free throw touch

Pavlovhog was answering my question. Consequently, he started the post with my name.


Helps to read better on my part. My mistake.

So did he actually sign already? I think he did because Muss talked about him coming here and how excited he was. I didn’t think he could do that unless he had signed.

Correct. Signed.

Awesome :+1:

He just needs to work hard on his offense so when he gets here he’ll be able to help on that end of the floor as well

Here’s some stats, rankings, and an analysis of Fall’s offensive and defensive skills by On3. It’s current and dated today. It looks like Shaw put this together just a few hours before he committed to the Hogs.

His play at the NBPA top 100 camp was amazing considering he was playing against some of the best players in the country. He was the top scorer and rebounder at the camp. He’s certainly not without pretty good offensive skills if he led that camp in scoring. It’s just that his defensive game is still ahead of his offensive game. Just a world of potential. Put some good weight on him and he will be a beast for the Hogs next season.


That is awesome! When you look at his highlights you see his potential you see some turnaround jumpers, you see his athleticism to get put backs and slams so I believe he can be a double digit scorer. I do believe he will have to put on weight because he’s about to jump into a much more physical League but the potential is off the charts!