Hogs land Cincinnati LB transfer

Thomas was the positive recruiting vibe I was referring to yesterday.


Very nice pick-up. Great size.

Wow, he’s a big guy. Love to have size at LB.

Some numbers on Thomas in 2023 from Pro Football Focus:

Overall defense grade: 74.7 (Tied 6th best on team)
Run defense grade: 80.6 (4th best)
Tackling grade: 69.9 (8 missed tackles)
Pass rush grade: 84.1 (66 snaps)
Coverage grade: 51.9 (139 snaps)
Total snaps: 443

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I have to admit I have no idea what those numbers are… does it go all the way up to 100??

They’re on a scale to 100.

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Thank you …He’s a big kid but he looks like he obviously does better against the Run than he does against the pass. He does look like he is a good Pass rusher which we can always use. we are going to be fine at LB I believe

Yeah, I think linebacker will be in great shape. With Thomas in the mix now, I feel really confident with the top four, for sure. And Brad Spence and Carson Dean looked solid in the spring. Lots of talent in that group.


Yeah and the stud Sanford hadn’t even got here yet that dude will turn your lights out…

The best part of Cincy last season was their LB core, including a couple very good ones. Perhaps not so bad not being a starter there last season? Appears to have great potential for the Hogs.

Well Fickell teaches a hard physical brand of football which is what we love so he’s going to jump right in here and not skip a beat

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When we played Cincy in 2021, he was #2 tackler with 7 total tackles, 5 solo and 0.5 tackles for loss.

Gosh what a great pick up!!! Our LB concerns seem to have been resolved!!! Love seeing this, great job coaches!!!

Thomas and Tank Booker have known one another since age five.

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Drew sanders grade was a 79.2, and he was an all American, so 74 overall is very good.

Richard what’s up with the DT from La Tech?

Awesome! Thanks for the reference. I have never really looked at that stuff.

He’s the one I’ll be watching. I think Arkansas has a shot.

That game was just last fall (2022), not 2021…


Richard what kind of player is he?