Hogs @ Kentucky

Well it’s time to play. Hoping for win!

Ditto to that.


Playing better than I thought to start but gotta stay away from silly fouls.

Vanover has been playing with some confidence. WPS

Well smith gets hit on his dunk attempt and they get the call on their end. Imagine that.

Vanover was bulldozed in defense and they let it go. That was charging in my book!

Thank God for Vanover,othewise we are struggling to get a decent shot against their length

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I swear, I wish officials could issue technicals for players that yell “and one” when they make a shot and are fouled. Weak minded people.

It a “T” gets called it will be on our hogs. They won’t T up the cats.

Over the back!!! Twice!!!

Travel!!! What are these officials doing?!

That’s normal! The over the back will only be called on us! I thought TV Teddy was bad and didn’t want him on the floor with a whistle but Pat Adams is horrible too!

Getting paid!

A team not good at 3’s now can’t miss.

How was his foot on the out of bounds line a foot behind the line.

On offense, Arkansas needs to spread out more.

On defense, Arkansas is doing well, but ticky tack crap is costing them.

That’s typically our luck. Maybe we can get a whistle when we take the ball to the hole like the cats are getting.

We bring out the best in everyone but the referees it seems. WPS

Officiating just absolutely nauseates me. That last call on Vanover, their player goes in out of control, throws up a wild shot while leaning back into Conner. Total bail out by the official.

The officials started to call it even for about 5 minutes, and we went on a 7-0 run to take the lead, but the officials ended that pretty quick. Now Kentucky is in the bonus the rest of the half.