Hogs keeping talent at home (column)

Speaking as a former manager, there’s a heck of a lot more to the job than the condescending “washing towels.”

Tons of former so-called “towel washers” have gone on to become successful in the college basketball field and other work arenas because of lessons learned from their time working with the athletic department

Come to think of it, I don’t ever remember actually washing and drying towels. There was an equipment man who handled all that

How about we all move on from this thread.

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Yeah. I knew that was coming it. It’s fine to bag on me but as soon as I respond, it’s time to move on. That’s typical of you on this board when it comes to my posts. I actually did try to move on, earlier. You responded after I deleted my posts, and then JEREMY did.

Obviously I have nothing against managers. I have something against managers who run their mouth and then get snippy when someone calls them on it.

But, as is the norm for you, there’s a pretty clear double standard in that regard.

I’m moving om.

Me too. Never washed any towels, but I did get up at 4AM…a lot. I wasn’t trying to ruffle any feathers, but your take on Ford really pissed me off. I’ve already apologized about saying the baseball team choked, and I meant every word of my apology. Time to move on…

Scottie Pippen started as Basketball Manager at UCA didn’t he. He did pretty good after that. Except I hear he squandered a lot of his money after basketball.

I’ve never had anything but love and respect for you.

Although we haven’t seen each other in forever, I have always consider you a friend and nothing has changed that.

As for my misuse of a word, heck, I - who have never claimed to be the smartest man in any room since Oct. 21, 1981 - am just happy that I was in the neighborhood with an a word.

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DD, lost in this back and forth is a legit question that was brought up. Why did Ford quit his second AAU team? Can you or RD ask the Ford team about that? Hopefully there is a good positive answer to that.

As far as him playing for a small school and not getting that tough competition during the summer, that is a legit point. We will only get answers to that when he suits up for the Hogs. There have been examples of small school players starring at the highest level. But then again, some were never able to adjust to the next level.


LOL…Poor notorious…yes…it’s ALWAYS everybody else’s fault…never yours… :rofl:

By the way…this post is me doing my imitation of you…you know…crashing into a thread that has nothing to do with me (uninvited and unneeded by the posters you are already “debating” with) and taking up someone else’s argument with you as if it was me you had been going back and forth with, or you had called me out. In other words, as I like to refer to it…“what Notorious has been doing to me for 10-15 years”…first time ever that I’ve done it to you. Thought you might appreciate seeing what it feels like.

Ha ha ha…


PJ, don’t start questioning Ford. If Anderson was still here and he had commited to him you would be excited and you know it. Had Ford commited to St.John’s you’d be questioning how Muss let him get away. Let’s be real.

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His jumper looks smooth here. The way he is working at it, he may be fine by the time he gets to the campus.

At this point in the recruiting class for 22 it would seem we are focusing on:

  1. Kelel Ware
  2. Nick Smith
  3. Jordan Walsh
  4. Kijani Wright
  5. Aiden Shaw

Does this sound about right?

This is my comment about recruiting. We have a plethora of very qualified reporters on this site who tell us who Muss is recruiting. We all see the list and that’s the time in my opinion to voice how one feels about a recruit. Once a kid commits to us it’s time to knock it off.

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Aiden Shaw is a name I haven’t really seen thrown around on here. I have absolutely no knowledge, but I think Ware and Walsh are basically 1A and 1B at this point. As I have said before, I have no faith that Smith is even interested in us. It would send shockwaves through college basketball if Muss lands Wright. Still wondering about Austin Nunez, but since Beard has come out hitting moon shots, I doubt we land him. I am just blown away, and not in a good way, watching Beard stack talent like cord wood in Austin.

Ware’s talent is unreal. A 5-star rating isn’t good enough for him. He simply cannot be allowed to leave the state.

Ware is about to blow up. They tell me he has got the message that he needs to play every point with the same intensity and it is being reflected in his recent games.

BTW, what service has him rated a 5 star? 247, ESPN and Rivals all have him as 4 star.

Yeah, I know. He should be a 5 star. Hell I’d rate him a 6 star if I were a recruiting analyst, he’s that good.

How would he stack up most closely to an NBA star, say David Robinson as a measuring stick?

Ware would be better than David Robinson imo. Ware is the type of big that NBA teams drool over. Legit 7-fter, ridiculous wingspan, runs the floor like a guard, defends the rim.

And do I need to mention how versatile his offensive game is? Just go watch some of his videos.

This kid’s talent is thru the roof and Muss really can’t afford to let him leave the state.

I hope Ware becomes a Razorback. You might want to look at the long and celebrated career of the “The Admiral”. He was the #1 pick in the NBA and he won Rookie of the year. In his illustrious career DR averaged 21.1 points per game and 10.6 rebounds and he was a beast at blocking shoots. He also won an MVP award as well as Defensive Player of the Year award. He is listed at 7’1". In his personal and business matters as well as a community leader, there have been few that measure up to what David Robinson has contributed to San Antonio. By the way, he also is a graduate from the US Naval Academy with a major in mathematics and won both the Naismith Award and the Wooden Award as the college player of the year. I hold no higher regard for any NBA player than for David Robinson. I hope we get someone who can even come close to attaining that level of accomplishment.

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I in no way meant to disrespect David Robinson. A truly great NBA center. But, the bottom lline is, Ware is more athletic with a more versatile offensive game than The Admiral in his prime. Ware is a future NBA superstar of that I have no doubt.