Hogs just picked up a huge baseball commit

Hunter Milligan just flipped from Mississippi State to Arkansas. He is from Greenbrier.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … tate-pled/

I like the way that young man thinks!

This is awesome. I also like how he wants to go to college. We will see what happens when the dollars come calling, but it’s nice to dream.

This is a big one. I love it when Hogs get a lefthanded pitcher. There just are never enough. The Wes Johnson hire is paying off.

I guess we all have to dream. Once a big-league GM walks in the door and hands the kid a $1.5-2.0M dollar check, it will be see you later (if he in fact is a high first round choice).

He’s a draft risk, but you have to sign him otherwise one of your opponents (Mississippi State in this case) will.

The other thing that happens is that the player can demand too much money, get injured, etc. The chances are slim of getting a player his caliber here, but it happened with Stanek, Benintendi, Cox and some others.

Probably, but last year there were 4 picks in the top 2 rounds that turned down around $1 million signing bonuses and went to college.

It really depends on how adamant this kid is about going to college. It doesn’t hurt that he has a coach who was a 1st rd pick, got a big bonus, rode the buses, made it in MLB and is telling this kid to go to school.

It rarely happens, but when it does it is under these types of circumstances.

Sometimes they just want to come to college. Brett Eibner was one like that.