Hogs' Jumbo sized QB makes an impression on Alabama defense

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It’s obvious to me that as much as I like Austin Allen

We need to put all the development and emphsis on Kelly Cole

He is the future

A leader and a gamer

Love Austin but it’s time to pass the batton to Kelly Cole

I agree. I can’t remember a similar situation in the last 20-25 years where an established Hog QB lost his job to an up and comer after getting hurt, but I think that AA is the Wally Pipp to Kelley’s Lou Gehrig.

We will see if Cole goes forward, is stagnant or goes backwards. He has a chance to earn more time with good play. I would also say that Austin’s ability to heal is going to figure into all of it.

I didn’t get to watch the Alabama game…so I did not see how Cole played, but I think that a healthy Austin Allen gives us a better chance to win. Allen can throw that ball pretty well if given some time. Remember all those games he played so well when healthy last year? This year has been a tough one for him, but if the line is playing a little better and giving him time to set up and throw, he can be a very good passer.

Austin may not get healthy these next few weeks, so it may be a moot point. If not, I hope Kelley plays well and wins a a couple for the Hogs.