Hogs+ - Is it worth it?

If you have Hogs+, is it worth it? Is it computer only? Do you know if it is on an app somewhere for the TV?

I have found it worth it. I access both on my smart phone and computer thru the website. I have not found an app for it on Roku.

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Good question. I bought one last week, but if it has an app I’m not aware of it. I haven’t logged into yet. My wife & daughter have & like it.

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There is no app for TV (yet). They need one badly. I use Fire stick and thus the Silk browser. (Roku doesn’t have a browser). Scrolling is limited, so viewing must be done shortly after new videos are posted and before they are too far right. That being said, I love the content. You certainly can view on a PC or other device. I’ve not been able to cast to my TV, but some can do that.

I have spoken to Jason Carroll about some of the issues and they are working on them.

We are enjoying it. I screen mirror it on our tv from my phone. Works great.

Yes it’s worth it just for the behind the scenes you get on the Follow.I watch it in my tablet and mirror to my Smart Tv that’s the way to go

I currently can’t log in to it, they appear to be having “technical difficulties”, lol.

so, for an old man, how exactly do I mirror my phone or laptop to my smart tv?



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I like it.

I have a Roku, but I would like to know the same thing.

I have a Samsung and bought a $4.99 app that was made by Samsung to mirror my TV. It typically works well, although there can be a couple of minutes of frustration as the app and TV get synced.

I use tv cast on fire stick

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Just google whatever phone,tablet or streaming you use

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I decided to get it. Well worth 8 bucks a month. Heck, I’d pay double that.

There is a video series called “The Follow” that is awesome. behind the scenes stuff. Really provides insight into this team and CSP.

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